How do I set Sabbath mode on my refrigerator?

The Sabbath mode is a feature (available on some models) that disables portions of the refrigerator and its control in accordance with the observance of the weekly Sabbath and religious holidays within the Orthodox Jewish community.

Depending on your model, the Sabbath mode is turned ON or OFF by simultaneously pressing and holding for 5 seconds both the:“v” and “+” orThe freezer “-“ and the refrigerator “+” Your Owner’s Manual will provide instructions specific to your model.

The display will show “Sb” while in Sabbath mode. Repeat the steps above to deactivate.

Some things to keep in mind when your refrigerator is in Sabbath mode:

Neither the lights, dispenser nor display will work until Sabbath mode is deactivated. The ice maker will complete the cycle it has already initiated. The ice cube compartment will remain cold.The HIGH TEMP alarm will remain active.

For example, if you inadvertently left the refrigerator door open for a period of time, the HIGH TEMP alarm will signal for safety reasons. Once the door is closed, the refrigerator will function normally without any violation of the Sabbath / Holidays.

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