Can I adjust the shelves in my French-Door refrigerator to fit my spacing needs?

Most French-Door refrigerators are equipped with shelves that are supported at the back of the refrigerator. To adjust your shelves, remove all items from shelf / shelves and lift the front edge up. Next, pull the shelf out and replace the shelf by inserting the hooks at the rear of the shelf into the wall bracket. Lower the shelf into the desired slot and lock into position.

Some models have glass shelves that slide out for easy access. The shelves slide out independently of their mounting brackets, just pull the front of the shelf forward. Shelves can be extended as far as the stopper will allow but are not removable from their mounting brackets. Our door bins (vary by model) are removable for easy cleaning but some of them have fixed positions while others can be adjusted.

To change the position of an adjustable door bin simply remove all items from the bin and then grip the bin firmly with both hands and lift it upward. Next, remove the bin and place it just above the desired position. Then, lower the bin onto the supports until it's locked in place and place the bin liner into bin (if removed).

To remove your upper freezer basket, find the side where the basket frame is aligned to the clip opening (either left or right side). If not aligned on either side, push the basket sideways until it is aligned by grabbing the basket wire frame close to the frontal clip and pull it up to take the basket frame out. Grab the basket frame close to the rear clip and pull up until it comes out of the clip.

Once one side of the basket is off the clips and retainers, slide the basket sideways until the other side of the frame is aligned with the clip openings on the opposite side of the freezer. In the same way, pull the basket frame from the frontal and rear clips until it is out of the clips. Remove the basket and reverse the steps to reinstall.

For more information, refer to your Owner’s Manual. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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