When and how do I use steam clean?

The Steam Clean feature (not applicable on all models) offers a chemical free and time saving method to assist in the routine cleaning of light soils on the oven bottom.

For heavier baked on soils, we recommend using the Self Clean feature. If your appliance is equipped with the Steam Clean feature, your Owner’s Manual will provide important information.

To set a Steam Clean cycle:Remove all racks and oven accessories.Scrape or wipe loose debris and grease from the oven bottom.

Pour 1 cup of water onto the oven bottom and close the oven door. (Image available in Owner’s manual)

Press Steam Clean. Press either the up or down arrow to activate. “St Cn” will appear in your range display. The time remaining in the Steam Clean cycle is shown in the display.

Do not open the door during this team. If door is open while in steam clean (d-O) will appear in the display. Opening the door during Steam Clean will prevent the water from reaching the temperature needed to clean.

Some condensation or water vapor may appear close to the oven vent or oven door glass during the cycle and this is normal.

When the steam clean cycle is complete, an alert will sound and the END message will show in the display. Press OFF to return to the clock.Take care opening the door when the steam clean is finished. Stand to the side of the oven out of the way of escaping vapor.

Wipe oven cavity and bottom immediately after the cycle is complete. You may want to place a paper towel or cloth in front of the oven to capture any water that may spill while wiping.

Your oven door gasket may become damp but do not wipe dry. Press OFF to stop Steam cleaning at any time during the cycle.

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