What happens to my connection to the Frigidaire 2.0 app if I change my home router?

If you change your home router or network information any time after connecting your connected appliance, you will need to do the “connection” process again with your Frigidaire 2.0 app and home router. You will use the same email address and password that you used during the initial setup.

NOTE: If you are using the same SSID and password, you shouldn’t need to change anything.

Before doing so, the connected appliance will need to be removed from the Frigidaire 2.0 app and taken through a Factory reset to clear the memory. To conduct the Factory reset, follow the steps listed below:

  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi/Connect button for 10 seconds (you may hear beeping).
  • Then unplug the appliance for 30 seconds
  • After plugging back in, wait at least 60 seconds before attempting the “connection” process again.


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