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Genuine Water Filters

How Our Trusted Filters Work to Keep Your Water Clean

Our filters are so effective at reducing contaminants found in water because of the carbon block inside the filter. The specially prepared carbon is incredibly porous, giving it tremendous surface area to capture microscopic particles.

3 Levels of Filtration

Level 1

As the incoming water passes through the carbon block, the larger particles get stuck outside surface. This removes sediment from the water.

Level 2

Some impurities, like chlorine, are reduced by a rapid chemical reaction upon contact with the carbon. This improves the taste and smell of the water.

Level 3

Then, the carbon block acts as a magnet for compounds like lead and VOCs, trapping the contaminants. This reduces potentially harmful substances found in water.

The resulting filtered water is now ready to be dispensed.

Trust your family is getting the very best when you buy direct from Frigidaire.

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