Four Things to Know about the Custom-Flex® Temp Drawer

The Custom-Flex® Temp drawer was thoughtfully designed to refrigerate or freeze your family’s favourites. These are the four things you need to know about how the convertible drawer can help with your everyday storage needs.

1. What is the Custom-Flex® Temp drawer?

The Custom-Flex® Temp drawer is the middle drawer in the 4-Door Counter-Depth refrigerator that can keep foods fresh anywhere from -6 to 45 degrees, meaning it can easily change from refrigerator to freezer at the touch of a button. 

2. How can I use the drawer?

The convertible refrigerator drawer provides flexible space when you need it most. In case of a real-life family emergency like an ice cream cake for that special birthday, or a stockpile of groceries from your local club store, the Custom-Flex® Temp drawer has both the capacity and the temperature to store your favourites. It can also be used as an extension of your crisper or meat drawers, or can simply help you stay organized. Most importantly, we created the drawer to be flexible so it can fit your specific needs.

3. How should I use the drawer’s temperature settings?

Whether you’re hosting an event, feeding big appetites or there was a great sale on extra-large frozen pizzas, switch the temperature setting from fridge to freezer and make room.

45 degrees – Chill your evening

Great for hosting friends or enjoying a casual night in, this temperature is perfect for storing white wine, rosé, appetizers or desserts before serving.

37 degrees – Cool your snacks

At 37 degrees you can stash everything you need to make a quick sandwich or grab snacks on the go.

32 degrees – Enjoy frosty drinks

Keep drinks crisp and cool at 32 degrees.

28 degrees – Keep dinner cold

At 28 degrees, your meat and seafood will stay fresh and tasty.

-6 degrees  Freeze your favourites

Finally, a true freezer option for extra space right in your kitchen. You don’t have to go outside or downstairs to grab frozen pizzas or ice cream.

Bonus: Unlock feature

The unlock feature keeps the drawer safe from unwanted changes, no need to worry about the kids accidentally bumping into it and changing the settings. Simply hold the button for three seconds, then choose your new temperature setting.


4. How is it different from other flex temperature drawers?

Unlike other drawers, the Custom-Flex® Temp drawer is more than just a refrigerator drawer or just a freezer drawer, it can be set anywhere from -6 to 45 degrees - the widest range in temperature settings on the market.

It also offers a wide range of flexible storage solutions. The divider can be customized to your liking and can even be removed. If you need all the space the drawer has to offer for something large like a veggie tray or five sets of 12-pack drinks, the Custom-Flex® Temp drawer has the capacity to easily store it – and is deep enough for your favorite drinks to be stashed vertically.


What can I fit during a real-life storage crisis?

We’re so glad you asked. These are a few of our favourite things you can squeeze in when you need a fix in a pinch.

  • Extra-large pizza boxes
  • 5 12-packs of cans 
  • Ice cream cake
  • Veggie, fruit or deli tray