Gluten Free and Fat Burning Foods

Many people erroneously believe that Gluten Free foods are better for you. The only case that would be true for are people that actually suffer from celiac disease. These people are simply gluten intolerant and that's that. Gluten is actually an important and beneficial part of food that should not be overlooked, as Abbey clearly explains. Gluten is the "glue" that holds food together. It is specifically the general name given to the proteins found in wheat. When you remove gluten from foods you have to substitute additional ingredients to compensate like sugar, fat, salt and calories which can lead to weight gain. Additionally, the ingredients added to compensate for the lack of gluten typically result in an overall reduction of flavor as well as nutrients. In other words, gluten free food will never have the robust flavor of the original recipe or provide your body with the same high quality nutrients it needs.

Abbey moves on to the myth of Fat Burning foods in her next segment. Many people still believe that there is actually a food that will burn fat when you eat it. Celery is often thought of as one of these foods. The amount of calories expended to eat and digest celery may be equal or slightly lower than the calories gained from the celery. In other words, as Abbey points out, it's an equal exchange. In order to actually lose weight eating celery you would have to eat nothing but celery every single day, and according to Abbey, likely between 350-500 stalks. Aside from the obvious fact that nobody wants to eat that much celery you would be depriving your body of the nutrients necessary to keep it healthy. There is no food that will burn fat when you eat it, period.

As always, thank you for tuning in. You can find more information about nutrition myths like gluten free foods and fat burning foods at Abbey's blog, as well as a myriad of additional information fit for consumption by foodies everywhere.


Abbey's Bio

Abbey Sharp is a Registered Dietician (RD), an avid food writer and blogger, a TV and radio personality, a food brand ambassador, a passionate home cook, a food event hostess, and the founder of Abbey’s Kitchen Inc. She has a BASc. in Nutrition and Food, Dieticians of Canada accreditation, and culinary training from George Brown College and private instructors. Abbey’s core philosophy is that a pleasurable relationship with food, your body and your self is the fundamental secret to good health.