Become a Better Cook in the Kitchen

You may already be a master in the kitchen, a pro on the stove and a whizz with the oven, but we can promise you that there are a few hacks that will sharpen up your chef skills. Whether you’re a veteran or a novice, everyone can use some handy tricks to make cooking easier!

Sharpen your knives with a coffee mug

Did you know, that the problem with your dull knife might not be that it’s not sharp; it could actually be that it’s not straight. Over time, the tip of the blade will eventually bend and curl, not allowing for the perfect slice. If you don’t have a knife sharpening kit, then use the bottom of a ceramic mug. Just run the blade across the bottom at a 45-degree angle. Slide the blade downward in one direction. The flat, unglazed ring is the perfect surface to give a dull knife a quick sharpening.

Drop eggs in water to determine freshness

Is it a good egg or a bad egg? If you’re unsure whether or not your eggs are still fresh. Grab a pot and fill it halfway with water. If it sinks when you drop it in, then it’s still good. If the egg floats, then toss it. The theory behind this method is that eggshells are porous and air will pass through the shell into the egg. So, If the egg floats, there’s too much air inside!

Stop your avocados from browning

Who doesn’t love avocados? The only problem is they oxidize very quickly, creating a browning effect (not appetizing). We have a trick for you! Instead of using lemon juice and plastic wrap, place the cut avocado in an airtight container with a piece of cut up red onion. The sulphur in the onion will act as a preservative, but the onion’s smell and taste will not transfer. Win-Win!

Preserve your extra herbs

So you’ve got extra herbs lying around that you don’t want to go to waste, but there is a solution! Simply chop up your herbs, divide them in an ice cube tray, and cover with olive oil. Cover the ice cube tray with plastic wrap before placing in the freezer. Pop out individual cubes when needed. This also works for extra sauce too!

Keep produce fresh with paper towel

Too much moisture will make a vegetable turn soggy quickly. Instead of wasting produce, wrap your greens (celery, broccoli, cucumbers…etc.) with a paper towel and store them in a plastic bag. The paper towel will help absorb the moisture, keeping your vegetable lasting longer than normal. For an added boost, try the Frigidaire PureAir® Freshness Booster™ which removes ethylene from the crisper and keeps fruits and vegetable fresher, longer!