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Last summer we realized that we were rapidly outgrowing our office space at Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn. And since we had to move, we decided to take this opportunity to create our new Studio Kitchen, where our editors could style and shoot many of the posts and videos we love to publish. Our goal was to turn this space into a workable, happy, flexible Studio Kitchen where movie (and photography) magic is made. We wanted professional-grade appliances that would fit into a standard kitchen space and look beautiful for the camera, while also performing well enough to help our editors produce gorgeous, ready-for-their-close-up dishes. Not only did the Frigidaire Professional appliances have a snazzy brushed stainless steel finish, they were also Smudge-Proof. That's a huge plus for on-camera use, and, let’s be honest, life use. The refrigerator is a beautiful design and is counter-depth (meaning it doesn't stick out beyond the cabinets) while giving us a flexible and intuitive interior layout for storage. And the dishwasher is not only a super-effective cleanup tool, it also has a flexible interior layout (the upper rack is adjustable and removable!) so we can throw in over-sized dishes and serving platters when we need. We’re really happy with our bright, clean space. We know it's very neutral right now, but with the open shelving, we can include all sorts of different colors for different shoots. With the sleek stainless steel appliances from Frigidaire Professional and the simple cabinets and countertops, it's the perfect high-performance, neutral backdrop for all our video and photo shoots!

Crank up your cooking tip:

When building out a kitchen, wait for “the bones” to be completely installed (counters, islands, cabinets) before bringing in appliances.

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