What is the best way to load my dishwasher to optimize my cleaning performance?

Features and appearances of racks may vary by model so please reference your Owner’s Manual.

However, here are some helpful tips:

The upper rack is designed for flexibility in loading a wide variety of items including cups, glasses, stemware, small plates, bowls, etc.

Load glasses and plastic items in upper rack only.

Load items with open end facing down for better cleaning and draining. Damage may occur if delicate items touch each other during dishwasher operation. Long-handled knives and utensils can be placed in upper rack.

Be sure nothing protrudes through the bottom of the rack to block rotation of middle spray arm. The bottom rack is best for plates, saucers, bowls, and cookware.

Large items should be placed along the edge so they do not block the spray arm rotation.

For best results, place bowls, casseroles, and sauce pans with soiled surface facing down or toward the center. Tilt slightly for better drainage. Make sure tall items do not block spray arm rotation.

Be sure pan handles do not protrude through the bottom of the rack and block the spray arm rotation.

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