How do I adjust the upper rack of my dishwasher?

Since the adjustability of your racks may vary by model, we recommend that you first reference your Owner’s Manual.

However, here are some helpful tips depending on your dishwasher tub type:

For Plastic Tub Dishwashers -

To raise the upper rack, press the lever on the rack toward the center of the rack and pull straight up.

To lower the upper rack, press the lever and push down on the rack. Your Owner’s Manual may have a diagram for assistance.

For Stainless Tub Dishwashers -

The top rack height can be easily adjusted to accommodate loading taller dishes.

To raise the rack, lift up until both sides are at the same height and the rack will secure in place. Ensure the rack remains level from front to back with both sides at the same height. 

To lower the rack, lift the rack slightly then push down and release.

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