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Summary of Service Contract Terms and Conditions


This Service Contract does not cover repairs which are necessary because of improper installation, cosmetic damage, normal wear and tear, negligence, misuse, abuse, alteration, rust of any kind, service or replacement of porcelain enamel, exterior and interior finishes, repair by persons other than authorized EWC service personnel, fire, theft, acts of God, pre-existing conditions, improper gas, electrical, or water connections, maintenance, such as replacing light bulbs or water filters, as outlined in the Owner's Guide, replacement of water hoses, gas or electrical connections, venting hoses, periodic cleaning and the repair of appliances not readily accessible for repair. This Service Contract only covers single family or non-commercial multi-unit dwellings. It does not cover any appliance(s) used in any commercial application. This Service Contract will cover in-home service on all appliances except dehumidifiers, smaller size room air conditioners and under-counter refrigerators and ice-makers, which are carry-in service items only. 

In no event shall EWC be responsible for consequential or incidental damages (including, where applicable, food loss or damages due to delays or failure in furnishing parts or services), for any reason beyond our control, or for events covered under the original manufacturer's warranty.

This Service Contract is renewable at the sole discretion and option of EWC.

Either party may cancel this Service Contract upon 15 days prior written notice to the other. In the event you cancel, your Service Contract must be returned to Electrolux Warranty Corporation, P.O. Box 212549, Augusta, GA 30907. The dollar amount to be returned to you will be determined by taking 90 percent of the initial charge, prorating such amount to determine the value remaining on this Service Contract, and deducting from our standard charge for any service work performed while this Service Contract was in effect. In the event this Service Contract is canceled by EWC, return of the premium shall be based upon 100 percent of earned prorated premium. Your rights may vary from state to state.


2715 Washington Road, August, GA 30909

Frigidaire, Tappan and White-Westinghouse are brands of Electrolux Home Products, the manufacturer of your product. Your Service Contract is provided by Electrolux Warranty Corporation, and Electrolux Affiliate.