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How to Pick the Right Refrigerator for Your Space

When buying a new refrigerator, it’s crucial to make sure you purchase one that fits the space in your kitchen. You don’t want to have it show up and find out it doesn’t fit your space, there isn’t room for the door to open, or that you can’t connect the ice and water dispenser.

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Review your space

Check the wall to see if there’s an existing waterline that you can hook up for the ice and water dispenser. Measure the space between your island and where the fridge will go, as well as the width of the door leading into your kitchen, and any awkward angles, to make sure there’s enough room to get the refrigerator in.

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Measure your cut-out space

Write down the height, width and depth of the area where the refrigerator will go. Be sure to measure each in a few spots in case your cut-out space is uneven. If you have an island, also measure the distance to the island to know how far your doors can swing open. If you are getting a fridge with French doors, measure in both directions. Compare these sizes to the refrigerators you are considering.

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Counter-depth or standard-depth?

Based on your preference, decide if a standard-depth or counter-depth is best for your kitchen. A standard-depth will give you a deeper fridge, but it will stick out in front of your cabinets. A counter-depth will be flush with your cabinets, providing a more custom, built-in look, but has less space inside.

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Consider the finish

Before you finalize your decision, think about what appliance finish and color will look best in your kitchen and next to your other appliances. The Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel option that resists fingerprints and cleans easily from Frigidaire Professional gives you the modernity of stainless steel, without the worry of needing to clean and polish it.