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  • When I press the handle down to start toasting, it won’t latch. What should I do?

    First, be sure you are pressing the handle all the way down to its lowest position. If it still won’t latch, check to be sure the toaster is securely plugged into an outlet. (The handle will not latch if the power cord is not plugged in.)

  • Sometimes my toast burns. Why does that happen?

    Certain breads are more likely to burn quickly. For example, bread that has a high sugar content, or sugar on its surface, can easily burn. Bread that is particularly dry can also burn quickly. 

    To prevent this, use a lighter setting when toasting.

  • I see six buttons on my toaster, but only three of them light up. Is this normal?

    Yes, this is normal. Only the Defrost, Reheat, and Bagel buttons will light up.

  • When I’m using my toaster, the number on the right flashes. Is this normal?

    Yes, this is normal. That number is there simply to remind you how much toasting time is left.

  • Why doesn’t the flashing number appear when I use the Reheat function?

    The Reheat function is set for 30 seconds. Because this is a relatively short amount of time, there is no reminder when you use this setting, so you won’t see the flashing number.